Simply Now

Buen Camino

Have you ever been in a waiting room?

They’re everywhere. Doctor’s offices, dentist’s office, the Dean’s office, the rector’s office, the professor’s office, the airport, the trainstation, the hotel, the bosse’s office, the insurance place, the DMV….

Some places call them something else. A lobby, a waiting area, the narthex, the foyer, or maybe just a couch outside a room.

The point is, you sit there and you wait, anxious to get done whatever is is that you’re there to do. I just want to check this off my list. 

I have this really horrible habit of turning my life into a waiting room.

I just want to this class to be over. I just want this exam to be over. I just want this shift to be done. I’m just waiting for winter to be behind us. I just want to be in high school. I just want…

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