This, That and the 4th Reich…

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It’s been quite a week and then some. Life is beginning to take on shades of the unstable earth it would seem. 🙂 Up and down and around and around.

Good training for the times we are in.

So, in this age of iron, it seems we are to be drenched in irony. Today is the ironical, cynical day of infamy as the Iraq occupation officially comes to a close. Yes, the contractors had shredded the fabric of the country enough that they could now leave it for the real vultures to move in. The drug peddlers, the pornographers, the snake-oil salesmen… basically the mafia.

Imagine that, you take a nation of people, sub-jugate them for 14 years with all manner of heniousness and then uni-laterally move in an bomb, rape, destroy, rip, shred, defile…..mindless violence, un-justifiable violence…. and then leave it to the wolves. Iraq. The home of…

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